How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

If you're feeling intimidated by the potential cost to remodel your kitchen, you're not alone. While keeping your home updated is both desirable and necessary, the thought of a remodel can be both financially and strategically overwhelming. If that is you, KJK Builders is here to help. Our expert builders will guide you through the strategic planning of your kitchen, including budgeting and financing your kitchen remodel. With the right financial plan in place, it can be surprisingly affordable to get your dream kitchen now.

Overall Costs of a Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to investing in your kitchen, there are limitless options to give you the results you want at an affordable price point. Most kitchen remodels range from $30,000–$100,000, depending on the size, level of finish, and other details. With loan lengths ranging from 6 months to 8 years, that investment in your home can be easily managed with monthly payments so that you don't have to wait for that beautiful kitchen.

Q: How Much Will My Monthly Payment Be?

A: You can finance a portion of your kitchen remodel for as little as $140–$170 per month per $10,000 financed.

Q: How Much Value Does a Kitchen Remodel Add?

A: While the rate of return varies on a case by case basis and the level of investment, it is typical to add 50-75% of the cost of your remodel to your home's value, giving you lasting value.

Q: What Are My Options in Financing the Cost of Remodeling My Kitchen?

A: Our financing plans range from 6 months interest-free, up to 96 months with interest rates on par with current lending rates. Many people choose to put some money down, and then finance the rest, but it is possible to finance the entire cost of the project as well, depending on your preferences and needs.

Don't let the cost of a kitchen remodel stop you from getting your dream kitchen. Contact us today and start planning!

Best Experience Ever!

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